Tips to the Cell Block 7 Level

In today’s post we’re going to talk about the level of infiltrating the precinct of the dirty cops. Hear your find mini Smith walls that pose a problem so a suppressor is going to be very crucial in your ability to focus after firing. Because of the snow walls the sound waves will disorder character in he will cause to wiggle and wobble. To make sure to combat this you will needs a silencer / suppressor two deaden the noise that could hurt your equilibrium. You will either have to kill someone with suppressor or you will need to buy one through 20 kills that you would need to get this. Because this is a Precinct and there are dirty cops they are very well armed with a lot of armor piercing bullets and armor protection. Choose your weapons wisely for you could be caught in a crossfire with not enough Firepower for the environment. That is my word of advice for this level. Tip…look for the key card to get a special Bonus