Beware of the Sewer…It could be your demise!

Okay Post Number 2 we talked about the mission to precinct #6  the bad cops that are heavily armored that you must go through and some of the steps you must take to defeat them. Next step will be the sewer systems where the drug lords hide and use this cover to transport drugs and guns to their people. The sewer poses different problems that make it more difficult than ever than the precinct. 1)  You will need to a suppressor because of the tight round smooth walls and you also have the water contend with. The water does 2 or 3 fold to make your mission harder one.  It will give your position away very quickly if you move too fast in the water. Between the sound of footsteps and the ripples that can go as far as 50 meters your position will be given away quickly.  When traveling in the water must drag the feet.  This will hinder the quick reaction to use your trigger.  Also make sure your guns are somewhat waterproof there’s certain tricks you will need that are found on the way to help your guns stage am free you must find these through the training. However water does propose a benefit to the aggressor. For example it does produce good cover during Ambush situations and it goes back and forth with the sound as well. So make sure surprise will be your best Ally but when you surprise you must be quiet as to not to give your position away into learned the enemy’s position.

Because of the underground and the echo which we more than what was in the precinct 6 suppressors are a must and because of the four Echoes is more difficult for the enemy to locate the position of your firefight you might in in battle. Because it take orders sharp objects has knives metal poles are a best way to go through your mission this is more of a stealth Mission because of the loud bangs and the inches skis Parts in the Close Quarters that you will face. Make sure you keep up on your kill shots with your knife so you don’t struggle with an enemy and give your position away. Best of luck gentlemen this is a Tuffy over and out

Tips to the Cell Block 7 Level

In today’s post we’re going to talk about the level of infiltrating the precinct of the dirty cops. Hear your find mini Smith walls that pose a problem so a suppressor is going to be very crucial in your ability to focus after firing. Because of the snow walls the sound waves will disorder character in he will cause to wiggle and wobble. To make sure to combat this you will needs a silencer / suppressor two deaden the noise that could hurt your equilibrium. You will either have to kill someone with suppressor or you will need to buy one through 20 kills that you would need to get this. Because this is a Precinct and there are dirty cops they are very well armed with a lot of armor piercing bullets and armor protection. Choose your weapons wisely for you could be caught in a crossfire with not enough Firepower for the environment. That is my word of advice for this level. Tip…look for the key card to get a special Bonus