What to Expect

MoH Demos  is back we have bigger and better machine guns and tactical gear to help you complete your mission than before. No longer will your team you without sufficient equipment but you must earn your equipment to the challenges of underground sewers door to door combat. Some of the new upgrades are there newer AR-15 with night vision the Sharpshooter sniper rifle with up to four miles of penetration.

You have the new counterinsurgency weapon the smaller Israeli made MP5 with quick trigger finger. Also you have some pressing fire to keep you from losing your wits about you in a middle of a firefight in close quarters. Without suppressing suppressor you will become disoriented the loud noise that will ruin your equilibrium in the middle of the fight. But be careful the enemy is as ruthless as you are Tactical they have new body Armour and without your specialized body piercing bullets will have trouble killing them on the first go-around. Also your enemies are smart they will learn from past missions that you have done so you must constantly adapt to the new environment or the old environment for they are learning As You Are.

Between the factories that are making the drugs for the criminals and their torture chambers year mission is to put a stop to the evildoers of this. There are many levels to go through to once you think you have one be careful there are more to follow. The fun thing about this year’s game it’s not guns that can kill you if you’re not careful on your run into certain sharp objects shoot at cars that have gasoline or get into certain chemical factories they may also kill you. Be careful of killing innocent civilians are people that work for the terrorist organization you must take them to possibly be there to question to find out more information that can lead you to a more successful mission.

Thanks for tuning in to this first login for loves post we will keep you posted on new features and you come regularly back thank you